RBTS WIN forge their own brand of cerebral body music in the heart of the Appalachian mountains.  Invoking the harmony and chaos of analog synthesizers and old-school samplers, the collective of sonic adepts have grown a cult following throughout the southeast, becoming a staple performance of North Carolina’s futurist-technology conference, Moogfest since 2012.  2014’s Palm Sunday [Tidal Prism Records] transmitted the group’s unique blend of lo-fi pop and physical R&B across the globe, receiving international distribution via Japan’s Rallye Label and airplay from BBC’s Radio 1 and Radio 6 Music as well as a spot on Don Lett’s Best of 2015 list.  

With the follow-up to ‘Palm Sunday’, RBTS WIN essentially ‘sampled themselves’ while creating their new LP ‘Sensitivity Kit’. Leaving behind densely layered vinyl chops for breathable space and cassette tape field recordings to create and explore vastly more dynamic soundscapes while never eschewing their pop sensibilities. Producer/Synth player Javier Bolea speaks on the objective for the new record, “We found that the most exciting pieces of music we’ve been into lately have been the space between the sounds, the silence/air between sections. So we focused on simplifying the instrumentation, at times using only noise, 808s, and vocals. Or just drums, a synth, and vocals, etc.. Really letting the space carry the feeling for the record. Maybe it’s all in our heads or way too subtle but that was the inspiration. I think those are the moments your heart sinks into your stomach.”

As for the message behind SK, producer/vocalist for the band Cliff B. Worsham simply states, “Peace for all humans. Love for all humans. Sensitivity Kit is a literal title.”